Jerusalem, The Temple Mount, watercolor, paper 38\56 cm
Tel Aviv, Dizengoff Square, watercolor, paper 26/18 cm
Russia, Alexandrovsky Kremlin, watercolor, paper 41/31 cm
Russia, Dmitrov Kremlin, watercolor,paper 41/31 cm
Old Moscow, 1960s, watercolor, paper 26/18 cm/ private collection
My Jerusalem
Jerusalem, The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, watercolor pencils, paper
Jaffa, watercolor, paper, private collection
Old Moscow, watercolor, paper. private collection
St Petersburg, white night, watercolor, paper 38/56 cm
Jerusalem,Old city, water-soluble graphite jjwatercolor, paper 26/38

Jerusalem,Yemin Moshe, Plein air, watercolor,paper, 38/56, private collection
Tel Aviv evening, watercolor, paper, 38/56 cm
Moscow. Kremlin embankment 1970-s watercolor , paper, 38/56 cm
Jerusalem Neon December watercolor, paper, 38/56 cm. 2021
Jerusalem- Yemin Moshe watercolor, paper 56/38 cm, private collection
Anata city Watercolor, watercolor pencils, paper. 30/40 cm Participant of the exhibition project “In search of balance”
Church of the Visitation Ein Karem, watercolor, paper
Old Moscow. Leninsky Prospekt watercolor paper 26/38