Hooray, we opened my personal exhibition with the Russian House in Tel Aviv!
I am glad to share great news, June 15, 2023 in a beautiful place in the heart of the eternal city, in the Sergius Compound in Jerusalem
The opening of the exhibition of my works “The Unity of Dissimilar. From Moscow to Jerusalem” was held.
The exhibition is organized by the Russian House in Tel Aviv, with which we are fruitfully friends!
I would like to thank the representative of the Russian House in Tel Aviv, German Arkadyevich Granovsky, for the support and organization!
And the exhibition was opened by an employee of the Russian House, Doctor of Linguistics, a great professional in her field – Tatyana Yatsyuk

The exhibition is dedicated to two capitals, two of my favorite cities – Moscow and Jerusalem, two countries – Russia and Israel. This name is not accidental, two of my favorite cities with a rich history and traditions, constantly younger and under construction, and they have something in common. Many times, passing and driving through the quiet courtyards and green streets of Jerusalem, I caught myself thinking that the places seemed familiar, that Jerusalem and Moscow have a lot in common in the development of the 20th century. At the same time, each city has its own unique face, its own charm, and through my work I want to convey this to the viewer.

Personal exhibition “Unity of the Dissimilar. From Moscow to Jerusalem”

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