My work at the exhibition of the special project ARCHIGRAPHICS
“In search of balance” within the framework of the XXVII International Exhibition of Architecture and Design Arch Moscow 2022, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.

This is the modern city of Anata. Israel. Drawing from nature, 2021. Paper, watercolor, watercolor pencils, 40/60 cm.
West Bank. 4 km from the Old City of Jerusalem. The settlement is many centuries old, like most settlements in the Middle East, but it is cut off from the rest of the West Bank by a separation wall that stretches along the entire “green line” – the borders of Israel and Palestine. In part, such an artificial border is used to protect their traditions and
the way of those who live both inside the borders and outside. Coexistence is possible by finding a balance of old, new and new, where the old is 1000 years old, the new is 500 years old, and the newest is 50 years old.

ArchiGraphicArts competition “In search of balance”

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